Golf Fundamentals Complete Learning Series

Personalized for your game, whatever your skill level (Beginners; Juniors; Existing Golfers with Flaws; Women; Seniors), these individual learning series include everything you need to accelerate the learning process and get you playing your best golf sooner than you ever imagined.
Golf Fundamentals Model Beginner Series


As someone who’s new to the game, there’s no better place to start than with the Complete Learning Series for Beginners. In this seven-part video series (complete with training aids to help in your development; see full list below), you’ll learn the modern fundamental skills necessary to putt and chip like a single-digit handicapper and hit your irons, hybrids and driver with great accuracy and distance. Discover how beginners following this simple, systematic, science-based model broke par within their first year of playing golf! Get started today!


Golf Fundamentals Model Junior Series


This fun yet scientifically-validated developmental series of videos simplifies and accelerates the learning process for young athletes. It walks them through the basic neuromuscular patterning movements for all skills, from putting to driving, and also how they to properly prepare (proper grip, posture, alignment, ball position, etc.) for each skill. Much like the American Development Model that has been so successful in American youth hockey, this sequential learning series will give your junior every opportunity to succeed in golf and life.


Golf Fundamentals Model Existing Golfers with Flaws Series

Existing Golfers with Flaws

Frustrated with your game? Putting in countless hours at the range but not seeing any improvement, despite trying every tip out there known to man? Well, if this is you—the existing golfer with flaws—then this series is for you. Finally, there’s a fundamental learning system that makes golf easy to unlearn, relearn and improve fast! In this seven-part video series, you’ll learn how to spend less time on the range and more time improving your game. Improve faster than you ever thought possible, in as little as 15 minutes per day, four days a week!


Golf Fundamentals Model Womens Series


Finally, a logical, sequential, easy-to-follow fundamental learning module designed specifically for women golfers. In the following series, you’ll discover how to harness your flexibility and hit your irons and hybrids crisper than ever before, increase your clubhead speed and distance significantly, and improve your overall health and fitness. You’ll learn to master the five essential skills that will improve your results with all your clubs and shots. Don’t waste another minute on those magazine articles and video tips that are tailored specifically to men golfers. Purchase your Golf Fundamentals Model series today!


Golf Fundamentals Model Seniors Series

Seniors (50+)

The complete package for seniors looking to gain distance off the tee and improve in all facets of the game from tee to green. In this seven-course series, you’ll learn everything you need to know to significantly increase your distance—by as much as 20 to 30 yards—while also appreciably cutting down on three-putts and mis-hits around the green. Best of all, this sequential, logical, science-based model has proven wildly effective at lowering scores and improving your overall fitness and enjoyment of the game. Start playing like your younger self again and purchase your series today!


Adaptive Golfer Series

One of the fastest growing sports among the adaptive community is golf! Whether you’re new to the game or trying to improve so you can better compete with your buddies or in one of the many adaptive golf leagues around the country, this is the video for you. Never before has there been a training model for learning golf geared specifically for the adaptive golfer—until now! Learn the basic fundamental skills required to hit every shot in the bag, increase your overall clubhead speed and distance, and achieve a level of consistency you never thought possible. What are you waiting for? Get started today!


Complete Learning Series Package

Each individual series package includes seven video courses and the following training aids, valued at over $300 alone:

  • 7 Individual Classes (Golf-Specific Training; Basic Golf Fundamentals Model; Putting; Chipping/Short Game; Full Swing Short Irons; Full Swing Mid-Irons; Full Swing Longs)
  • 1 Golf Fundamentals Training Mat
  • 10 Flex-Head G3 Tees
  • 1 Putting Arc Training Aid
  • 1 GF Strength and Speed Trainer
  • 1 Ball
  • 1 Acrylic Mirror
  • Free entry into Most Improved Golfer Contest

NOTE: Juniors receive the GF Speed Trainer to replace the GF Strength and Speed Trainer.