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Golf Fundamentals Education Seminar

Golf Fundamentals to Offer Education Seminars, PGA Continuing Education Credits

Based on the critically acclaimed 2021 book, The Golf Fundamentals Model, this comprehensive three-day seminar introduces a modern, practical, scientifically-validated model of principles and techniques designed to help teachers fast-track the learning and improvement process for their students. Each seminar carries with it 24 hours of PGA continuing education certification points for all PGA members.

Dennis Walters: How Golf’s Fundamentals Helped Remake His Swing

Dennis Walters was 24 years old when a tragic golf cart accident left him paralyzed from the waist down, unable to pursue a career as a professional golfer. Within a year, however, Walters was playing golf again thanks to a customized golf cart with a swivel seat that allowed him to hit a ball from a seated position. In this video, Walters explains how he learned how to swing a golf club again sitting down, and the important role that golf’s fundamentals (grip, alignment, ball position) played in helping him play the game he loved again at a high level.

Get to Know Trick-Shot Golfer Dennis Walters

Lifetime PGA member Dennis Walters shares his amazing journey from promising young professional golfer to trick-shot golfer to World Golf Hall of Famer in this feature interview with Golf Fundamentals Model President & CEO Kirk Jones. In this seven-minute video, you’ll discover how Walters learned how to overcome his physical disability to become a world-famous trick shot artist, performer (more than 3,000 worldwide appearances) and champion for adaptive athletes everywhere. Along the way, he shares his message of never giving up on your hopes and dreams, as well as many of the life lessons he’s learned from playing golf.

Interview with Dr. Gary Wiren

Golf Fundamentals Model President & CEO Kirk Jones sits down for an exclusive interview with PGA Master Professional and World Golf Teachers Hall of Famer Dr. Gary Wiren at Wiren’s home in West Palm Beach, Fla. A member of six Golf Halls of Fame, including the PGA Hall of Fame, Dr. Wiren shares his central philosophies on life and teaching golf and reflects back on his time as one of the most important authors, educators, researchers and coaches in the history of golf.

Touring The Gary Wiren Golf Collection

Dr. Gary Wiren walks Golf Fundamentals Model President & CEO Kirk Jones through his private collection at his home in West Palm Beach, Fla., and shares some of his favorite stories behind the many clubs, balls, comic books and magazines he’s collected over the years. This includes a persimmon wood driver Wiren once used to hit a drive 381 yards on his very first swing and how the first “sleeve” of golf balls came about. The Gary Wiren Collection includes the largest golf stamp collection in the world, 3,500 clubs, 3,000-plus books and more than 2,000 balls dating back to the 19th century and earlier.

Evolution of the Golf Fundamentals Model

Evolution of the Golf Fundamentals Model

Golf Fundamentals Model President & CEO Kirk Jones shares his own personal journey from competitive Division I player to elite PGA Teaching Professional, and how he came up with the idea for the Golf Fundamentals Model series of videos.

Golf 101 Key Definitions and Terms

Golf 101: Key Definitions and Terms

Learn all there is to know about key golf instruction terms such as swing path, angle of attack, effective loft, timing, release and more in this video, and why they have such a great influence on the direction your ball travels and how far it travels.

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Golf Dictionary of Terms from A to Z

A great reference tool for the beginning golfer or for any golfer looking to improve his or her game—or take a few bucks from a friend—this glossary of terms defines everything there is about golf, from such common terms as “bite”, “eagle,” “green in regulation” and “snowman” to such little-known terms as “bullarding,” “ferret,” “gilligan,” “shamble” and “turkey.”

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