Golf Fundamentals Model Courses

Learn the five fundamental skills you need to hit every shot in your bag and shoot lower scores, and how to increase your range of motion and hit the ball farther than ever before.

Golf Fundamentals Basic Model

Basic Golf Fundamentals Model

Where all golfers should begin their golf learning experience. Develop the five skills critical to quickly improving EVERY aspect of your game—putting, chipping/short game, full short irons, full mid-irons and full longs (3-wood and driver). Learn each skill in a simple, sequential and logical way INDOORS to help you achieve that elusive consistency every golfer desires. Improve faster than you ever thought possible, in as little as 15 minutes per day, four days a week, all from the convenience of your own home!


Golf-Specific Training

with Dr. Chris Kopp PT, DPT

Are you physically capable of making a full backswing? Almost every golfer has some physical limitation that affects their swing. In this course, you’ll learn how to assess these limitations on your own and correct them at the same time with the help of a renowned golf physical therapist Dr. Chris Kopp PT, DPT. You’ll also learn how to loosen up your body and get it in peak-performance state before every round.


Golf Fundamentals Putting


Nearly 40% of all golfer’s strokes occur on the putting green, which makes the flatstick the most important club in your bag. In this course, you’ll learn how to pattern the perfect putting stroke and aim and set up consistently for every putt. You’ll also learn how to develop better touch and speed so that you can be great from 5 feet and in and long range, and rarely ever three-putt again!


Golf Fundamentals Chipping Short Game

Chipping/Short Game

The great Bobby Jones said “the secret of golf is to turn three shots into two.” And inside 60 yards is where this happens! In this course, you’ll learn to master the basic chipping and pitching strokes, and also how to play a variety of different shots from around the green, from the basic greenside bunker shot to a low, running pitch to a high, soft lob.


Golf Fundamentals Full Swing Short Irons

Full Swing Short Irons

Discover everything there is to know about consistently hitting your short irons (LW thru 8-iron), or “scoring” clubs, tight to the hole. Learn the proper neuromuscular patterning needed to develop an efficient, reliable backswing and forward swing motion, and also how to achieve a consistent low point to your swing so that you can strike the ball like a tour pro. Turn those scoring opportunities into more birdies!


Golf Fundamentals Full Swing Mid-Irons

Full Swing Mid-Irons

Become as efficient as Iron Byron with the help of this this course, which focuses on the all-important mid-irons (7-iron thru 4-iron and hybrids). You’ll learn how to consistently strike the ball solid and alter both the trajectory and shape of your approach shots, allowing you to hit more greens in regulation.


Golf Fundamentals Full Swing Longs

Full Swing Longs

“Let the big dog eat!” In this 20-minute course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to maximize your distance and accuracy with your long clubs (driver, 3-wood). Discover the modern fundamental keys to optimizing your clubhead speed and ball speed, and how to shape your shots so that you hit more fairways and bomb your tee shots past your buddies.


Golf Fundamentals Model for Adaptive Golfers

One of the fastest growing sports among the adaptive community is golf! Whether you’re new to the game or trying to improve so you can better compete with your buddies or in one of the many adaptive golf leagues around the country, this is the video for you. Never before has there been a training model for learning golf geared specifically for the adaptive golfer—until now! Learn the basic fundamental skills required to hit every shot in the bag, increase your overall clubhead speed and distance, and achieve a level of consistency you never thought possible. What are you waiting for? Get started today!


Get all the courses and the tools to improve your game.

The Complete Learning Series combines the seven video courses and includes the training aids ($300 value) necessary to accelerate your improvement.