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  • Gary Wiren, PhD
    Taking a complex approach to understanding the mechanics of the golf swing can be a disaster, especially for the well-meaning golfer without adequate golf education. Kirk Jones has made it possible to make the learning period shorter, easier and more effective with The Golf Fundamentals Model. His book could also be titled, A Simple but Mechanically Accurate Approach for Effective Results in Golf.
    Gary Wiren, PhD
    PGA Hall of Fame, World Golf Teacher's Hall of Fame Senior and Director of Instruction - Trump Golf Properties
  • Niels P. Murphy, Esq.
    I have been working with Kirk for five years. I played competitive golf in school and have had a single digit handicap since junior golf. I have also taken lessons my whole life from top notch instructors. Kirk is by far the best instructor I have ever used. He has all the technology - cameras, launch monitor, instant tv playback, swing analysis software, etc. More importantly, he knows the swing and fundamentals better than anyone. He does not teach a “one swing fits all” method and is very specific and simple in achieving short term and long-term results. My boys are now getting interested in the game and have been to junior lessons with Kirk. He absolutely makes it fun and engaging for them. I thought I was good enough to teach them, but after their first lesson with Kirk I knew I was way out of my league. I had trouble encouraging them to come out with me alone, but now they are excited to see Kirk and get out on the range and course. As we all know, it’s fun to hit ‘em long and Kirk has let them and enabled them to do that from Day 1. Kirk is also a really good guy and fun to spend lesson time with. I recommend Kirk 100%, no reservations, and no criticism. 10/10!
    Niels P. Murphy, Esq.
    Murphy & Anderson, P.A.
  • Brent Kluge
    I met Kirk Jones when I started playing golf as a 21-year-old army officer, and found a love for the sport. In his first lesson and all subsequent, he focused on the fundamentals of the golf swing. In my first year I was shooting in the 80s, and after another year of coaching Kirk helped me get to scratch. The best testament I could give Kirk's coaching is that he has years of experience and knowledge which are presented with clarity and in an easy way to understand and execute. It's not filled with fluff or gimmicks. Ball striking and making proper contact are fundamentals of Golf and will give you a repeatable and dependable golf swing. 25 years later, I still love golf and I am happy to say I still have a swing which is complemented by other golfers. During those years I would drive to wherever Kirk was located for a tweaking, or perhaps to learn a new shot skill. Yes, I'm still a scratch golfer... And I have yet to have a lesson from anyone else, because I won't let anyone mess my golf swing! 🙂
    Brent Kluge
  • Garry
    I am happy to say that I have learned so much about the golf swing from Kirk. He explains things in such a clear and simple way that you cannot help but improve. Add in his electronic equipment and you have the ideal learning experience. I would recommend Kirk to players of all levels.
  • Capt. Bou Bosso
    I grew up in a household where my father wanted to instill in me his passion for the game of golf. Being the oldest in a family of seven children, my dad was dropped off at the golf course routinely at a very young age. He went to college on a golf scholarship and at the age of 65 is still a scratch golfer. When I was child, there was a great deal of time spent on learning how to play golf. By the time I was in middle school and playing for the junior varsity team, I had so many swing thoughts that I rarely felt confident in where my ball might end up. At the age of fourteen I more or less lost all interest in the game of golf. It wasn’t fun being corrected every time I stepped over the ball. It wasn’t fun not knowing where my ball was going to go. And it certainly wasn’t fun shooting high scores. In 2003 I left my hometown in Jupiter, Florida to attend college at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville. Having spent so much time on and around the golf course, I decided to get a job as a cart attendant at Windsor Parke. This is where I would meet Kirk Jones and find my passion for golf. Kirk and I hit it off immediately; not because of golf but because of our shared passion for fishing. Sooner or later I asked Kirk if he would take a look at my swing and give me some feedback. I was prepared to endure much of what I did as a child…multiple swing thoughts, sensory overload, and frustration. To my surprise, this was far from the case. Kirk started by explaining to me in the simplest of terms what was required for a good golf swing. Once I understood what I needed to do, he then expressed to me what I need to “feel” in order to make a good golf swing. I was blown away by the ease of understanding Kirk provided me. For the first time in my life I felt like I actually understood why my ball was doing what it was. It wouldn’t be long before I had my first big break-through and shot even par during an afternoon round of nine holes! Like anything in life, confidence is key for success. It is hard to be successful on the golf course when you live in a constant state of uncertainty. Kirk helped me become extraordinarily confident in my golf swing. Although every shot I hit is not always perfect, I can attack my targets confidently knowing that my misses will be minor and won’t cost me strokes. Being able to enjoy the game of golf has become so gratifying to me. Feeling the ball come cleanly off the clubface and taking a gorgeous flight is so rewarding I can hardly put it into words. As a professional fishing guide in the Florida Keys, I spend most days of my life teaching people how to fish. I know how important it is to have a good teacher. It can make or break a person’s future in any hobby. Without Kirk Jones my future in golf would have been non-existent. I am so grateful to him for sharing with me what my father tried to share almost 30 years ago. I look forward to the day when I beat my old man on the golf course!
    Capt. Bou Bosso
    Silver Kings TV
  • Leon Smith, Director of Public Services
    I started playing golf about fifteen years ago and had a few lessons from various Pro's in the area. I did not seem to be getting any better and was very frustrated and was all but ready to give up the game. Then one Saturday I was listening to a golf radio show and Kirk was on it and said he would guarantee he could help anyone improve their game. I was somewhat skeptical but thought I would give it a try. Well that was about ten years ago and I couldn't be happier with the game. I still go back to Kirk from time to time and he knows my swing so well he is always able to get me back on track. I would recommend him to anyone who loves the game and wants to improve.
    Leon Smith, Director of Public Services
    City of Neptune Beach
  • Kris Kell
    I picked up my first golf club in 2004 and knew nothing about the sport but became obsessed with achieving low scores and attempting to conquer the game and sought out Kirk in 2005. I know, now, that the game is never conquered but I have maintained a single digit handicap since 2009 in pursuit of it. I can attribute this to the approach Kirk takes by teaching the fundamentals of the golf swing and not wavering from them throughout the 10 years I have worked with him. If I deployed for the military for any amount of time, we always began with the fundamental concepts and refined my swing, short game, and thought processes for each shot. Best of all, when things go awry on the course, it is simple to fix my issues by hearing Kirk in my mind go through the fundamentals and the laws of ball flight, then exaggerating the corrections. What a great feeling to be able to understand those things! Moreover, he shares my interest in the use of technology while teaching as evidenced by the use of Flightscope. When I saw the results of my ball flight for myself, it was instant feedback and I adjusted a lot faster. Thank you for many years of great golf, Kirk!
    Kris Kell
    LCDR, USN (ret), USCG licensed Captain
  • Keith Jones
    I have witnessed Kirk use the GFM on more than one beginner.  In a matter of an hour the new golfer was making a beautiful well-balanced swing on plane and making solid club head contact.  I was amazed! Still am.  Never did I imagine such progress was achievable in such a short time.
    Keith Jones

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