Online Lessons with PGA Teaching Professional Kirk Jones

Connect with a Golf Fundamentals Model instructor and get your swing analyzed for a fraction of the cost of a normal lesson.

Kirk Jones

What you can expect in your lesson

  • A detailed video analysis of your swing or putting stroke with an assessment of your grip, aim, posture, backswing and forward swing.
  • A full assessment of your impact position and the associated ball flight tendency relative to impact. As the old saying goes, “the ball flight never lies.”
  • A simple, comprehensive game plan (including drills) to help you correct your swing/stroke flaws and accelerate the improvement process.
  • The tools to be your own coach and diagnose and fix your swing flaw(s) moving forward.

Simply put, a great swing analysis/lesson involves making sure you have a strong fundamental setup (grip, posture, alignment, ball position). Then we make sure your swing consists of a proper backswing, forward swing and resultant impact position. A fundamentally sound swing will also exhibit nice characteristics of rhythm and tempo, timing and dynamic balance.

$40.00 per lesson


Instructions for video taping your online lesson golf swing

To get the most accurate, detailed analysis from your Golf Fundamentals Model instructor, please email the following two videos and one still photo to [email protected].

Face-on Sequence

Face-on Sequence Video

A slow-motion, face-on sequence (i.e., shooting at your chest) of your swing. Position your phone or camera about waist high, perpendicular to the target line (left, photo). Make sure the camera is directly in line with your ball position. For example: If filming with the driver, the camera should be positioned directly opposite the inside of your front heel.

Down-the-line Sequence

Down-the-line Sequence Video

A slow-motion, down-the-line sequence (i.e., shooting from behind, toward the target) of your swing. Position your phone or camera about waist high, directly in line with the center of the trail shoulder (left, photo). Do not shoot directly down the ball-target line.

Close-up Photo

Provide a close-up photo from face-on of your grip at the start of the swing or just after you begin to move the club back. Shoot tight on the hands. Some golfers will actually change their grip unknowingly as soon as they start the backswing, which can lead to a number of in-swing flaws (i.e., compensations) and poor contact.